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Your antique vintage portrait can be delivered in the form of a personal souvenir or an original gift. We offer so called ‘cabinet cards’ (the classic 1900s style portrait presented on a sturdy, preprinted card); postcards, which will be a true surprise to your loved ones back home, or magnets, which will remind you of your Kutná Hora trip with every trip to the fridge!. Your portrait can also be printed on a small or big cup, on a set of six cork coasters or on a small pillow.

Should you have to wait for a short time at our studio, we hope you spend this time in a pleasant way by browsing through old publications full of period pictures – our antiquarian collection specializes in photographic books of Kutná Hora and Prague. You might also enjoy the exhibit of old cameras and dark room equipment. A variety of books and some technical pieces are also for sale.

Agmons Photo Studio also specializes in the sale of gifts for photographers. Is your partner or friend a photo enthusiast? Choose one of our gifts – handcrafted by Czech artists – jewelers, ceramic artists, leather goods makers, textile artists and photographers. We offer these pieces both at our brick-and-mortar store and our e-shop.



Cabinet card …. 100 Kč

Postcard … 200  Kč

Magnet  ….. 80 Kč

Small and big cup …. 250 Kč

Pillow … 400 Kč