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Agmons Foto | O ateliéru

The studio was founded in 2014 by the Táborský family. Lukáš Táborský (born in 1977) worked as a journalist from 1997-2009 and later as a journalist photographer for the daily news publications Večerník Praha, Večerka, Mf Dnes and Právo. He is the originator of the Agmons Photo concept, he is the head and the administrator of the studio and the lead photographer. Dita Táborská (born in 1981) graduated from English and American Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy of Charles University in Prague, and she is a diplomat with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic (currently on maternity leave). She organizes English Language courses for mothers on maternity leave every Thursday morning at the studio. The Táborskýs lived in Mongolia from 2009 until 2012 and they have two sons named Milan (born in 2012) and Jindřich (born in 2013).

The Studio Concept

Vintage portrait photography has gained popularity worldwide, and the charm of period pictures as part of the traditional souvenir offer has been discovered by the Czech Republic as well. Agmons Photo Studio is situated in Kutná Hora – one of the most beautiful cities in Bohemia and consequently a frequent and popular destination for tourists from around the country and from abroad. We therefore offer the art nouveau and the Czechoslovak First Republic style portraits mainly to sightseers as a way to remember their Kutná Hora trip. What better way than with a vintage style picture with a Kutná Hora motif and printed on a photo souvenir?
Agmons Photo is nevertheless far from being a mere tourist attraction – it is mainly a living studio, which servers the local community by offering standard photo studio disciplines including reportage, design and product photography. To satisfy more demanding clients, we offer a combination of these two approaches: let us shoot your retro wedding portraits, work teams, families, children and art-nudes in a high-quality antique style. We not only use historically and geographically authentic costumes but we also, at your request, use old cameras and develop the prints by traditional methods.
Last, but not least, Agmons Photo is simply a pleasant place to include amongst your Kutná Hora destinations – perhaps between learning the history of silver mining and strolling through our beautiful town. Agmons is a speaking name in a way – it is a blend of the chemical symbol for silver, which is the key element not only for the Kutná Hora history, but also for the photographic process, and of the Latin word mons, which means “mountain”, and which is one of the earliest known names for the Kutná Hora settlement. The studio premises are finished in a pleasant art-nouveau style. Please have a seat, take a short rest and enjoy our good, free coffee while leafing through one of our antiquarian books.

We look forward to your visit!