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At Agmons Photo Studio, we will produce your portrait in the same style your great-great-grandparents would have had it done. The art nouveau and First Czechoslovak Republic (1918-1938) costumes represent the city style, the folk costumes illustrate Bohemian and Moravian village life and the fireman and military uniforms re-create the atmosphere of the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. At Agmons Photo, historical and geographical authenticity is one of our priorities – the costumes were crafted by Bohemian and Moravian experts in fashion history and folk art. We use current photographic methods while processing the portraits, nevertheless, we are also able to take the picture with authentic antique cameras and develop and work with the pictures using traditional methods. It is the only way to ensure that your wedding portrait, in the oval frame hanging above the bed, or your vintage portrait, to be used on your original wish card, will resemble antique photographs. We will not only provide the authentic costumes and props but also the authentic technical quality.

The basic product is a photograph in letter size – framed at your request. Your portrait will be printed and ready to take home in a couple of minutes. We will also provide an electronic version of the portrait at additional cost, which can either be sent by e-mail, or loaded directly onto your electronic medium. In addition, we offer fun photo gifts and souvenirs made with your portraits such as: a cabinet card (a classic 1900s style portrait, which comes on a sturdy preprinted card), post cards, magnets, cups, pillows or coasters.


Vintage portrait, A4…………………….. 350 Kč

Cabinet photo ……………………………..250 Kč

+ every additional print ………………. 150 Kč